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The Story of One Life Recovery Society

One Life Recovery Society’s mission is to break the stigma of addiction and influence and inspire individuals to reach their full potential in life.

Founded by Brett Johnson, who spent many years in addiction and then in recovery. During Brett’s journey to healing, he experienced arduous gaps in a system that leaves a lack of support in an addict’s recovery.

Brett couldn’t turn away from the struggle so many of his fellow recovering addicts had with repeated relapsing and lack of guidance. He compares the typical recovery process as sending newly blind people into the world and telling them not to walk into a wall.

One Life believes that every life is a life worth living. The tight-knit Vancouver Island team consists of skilled, caring professionals, many with personal stories of addiction and all with a passion for recovery. We are motivated by integrity. We live and breath the ethics of a vital trust and confidentiality that has built the group into one we are proud to be part of. Brett has a fire in his heart that is lit by a desire to help people find the same path out of pain.

Brett Johnson

Seven years of hard work, planning, organizing and executing goals and visions, One Life provides trusted services from Canada-wide interventions to men’s recovery houses in Nanaimo, BC.

I actually struggle to find the words to express what Brett has brought to our family and our lives. But the words that come easily are HOPE, FAITH, LOVE, COMPASSION, COURAGE.

Gail S.

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