House Rules

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One Life Recovery Society House Rules

Honesty and respect are the most important values at One Life Recovery Society. Living at our recovery houses is an opportunity for personal growth. Guests are expected to follow the sober house rules and behave in a transparent manner, while working towards healthy boundaries, and keeping each other accountable during addiction treatment at our Nanaimo, BC facilities.

Conflict And

Conflict and

One Life Recovery Society is a respectful and supportive community. Guest and House Manager communications must be conducted in a considerate, compassionate and respectful manner. Conflicts between guests are to be reported to the House Manager.



Guests will be required to attend house meetings facilitated by the One Life Recovery Society Property Manager or Representative. Guests must attend house meetings without exception unless approved by the Property Manager or Representative.

Guests Will Attend
Weekly House



Guests will be required to regularly engage in social, emotional, and physical therapeutic activities, including at least one recovery program (minimum x3/week) of choice, while living at the One Life Recovery Society. Therapeutic Activities scheduled by House managers are mandatory. If the guest cannot attend they must communicate with House Manager for approval prior to the scheduled activity.

One Life

One Life’s

Guests must be detoxed from alcohol/drugs prior to the start of One Life Recovery Society accommodation and agree to provide random urine samples (and/or breathalyzer samples) upon the request of House Manager or Representatives. Refusal of these tests will result in the assumption of relapse and will carry the same consequences. The guest will cover the cost of this procedure. guests who are currently engaged in random drug testing with an institution will be required to sign a release of information for One Life Recovery Society. All prescription medications (including Opioid Replacement Therapy) must be reported to the House Manager and taken only as prescribed by the individual guest’s Doctor. The use of alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a doctor is not permitted. No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed on One Life Recovery Society property. If a relapse occurs off-site this will be handled on a case by case basis to the House Managers’ discretion. Any suspected contravention of this policy will result in the following:

  • Guest will be required to immediately vacate the One Life Recovery Society premises, forfeiting all fees/damage deposit.
  • One Life Recovery Society will pack the guest belongings and make arrangements for the guest to collect said belongings.
  • Guests must engage in regular employment, treatment or volunteer work.
  • Therapeutic activities, in-house Counselling and House Meetings are mandatory.
  • House Manager may enter and conduct random searches of the premises including guest rooms and lock boxes at any time.
  • Guests are required to comply with wake-up times and curfew.
  • Each guest is required to preform regular assigned house chores and must ensure their room clean and organized.
  • No TV’s are allowed in guest bedrooms. Computers are acceptable but isolating behaviour will be monitored.
  • No smoking or use of tobacco products is allowed inside of the house.
  • No overnight guests permitted at any time on the One Life Property unless explicitly approved by the One Life Recovery Society Property Manager or Representative.
  • Travel outside of Nanaimo is subject to House Manager approval. Guests must provide the One Life Representative with detailed information about the trip ahead of departure.

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