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Sometimes this is what it takes (or sumthin)

One Life Recovery offers ARISE intervention services for families of loved ones with any of the following issues:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • All process addictions

Interventions are an attempt to have a family member or friend, who is suffering with self-destructive behaviors, get professional help. We are certified in ARISE Interventions, because compared to other intervention models, they have the best long-term results and are conducted in the most loving way.

There are three levels of intervention calls that can be implemented, or until the person of concern is in treatment and getting the professional help they require. 

Level 1:

Concerned family member or friend will call One Life for a free consultation.

An intervention will be scheduled, and Brett Johnson will call the person of concern and invite them to the intervention.

This will give an opportunity to the family to share about their concerns and show compassion.

Open communication; gain a better understanding of why he / she is engaging in these behaviors.

56% of individuals go to treatment after Level 1.

Level 2:

Brett invites the person of concern to the next intervention.

Family and friends voice their frustration and disappointment.

Create a network, so they don’t meet with the person of concern 1 on 1.

80% of individuals go to treatment after Level 2.

Level 3:

Reserved for life-threatening cases and if the person of concern has not agreed to go to treatment yet.

Formal letters will be written by network of family and friends.

These letters will be read out loud to their loved one, with the most impactful letter read last.

The person of concern will not be allowed to comment on letters.

83% of individuals go to treatment after Level 3.

Brett has successfully completed all of his interventions, getting all of the persons of concern to treatment. Post intervention includes:

Case management, as intensive as needed

Safe passage or support transportation to treatment




Acting liaison for treatment centre and family

Support for 6 months

Are you or a loved on having problems with addiction or substance abuse?

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