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Brett Johnson


Addiction has been part of Brett Johnson’s life since birth. He was raised in chaos, neglect, violence and Love. For as long as he can remember he didn’t want to live in his own skin and tried to escape reality with any form possible. Brett tried every single external form of gratification known to man, with nothing working until his journey into recovery started in 2006.

Today he experiences a beautiful life, with an amazing son and partner. He loves walking alongside individuals as a guide in the beginning of their recovery journey, serving as a certified coach, interventionist, sponsor, and friend. Brett loves watching the light of hope shine through the dark shadows that addiction brings into our lives.

DJ Levy grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba to an amazing family. Despite growing up in a loving household, though, he developed anxiety and depression at a young age and turned to drugs and alcohol in hopes of them curing his symptoms. Within a few years, drugs consumed his life; he lost his job, was disowned by his family, and did not want to live anymore.

In 2013, he finally accepted help from his family to go to treatment in Nanaimo, BC and is now an active member of 12-step fellowships, is vigorously involved in his church, and loves his life with his wife Vanessa, and their three crazy animals.

DJ Levy


Vanessa Levy

Recovery Coach

Vanessa is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, She Recovers Designated Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Vanessa works with women looking for an improved quality of life, with a passion and focus on women struggling with substance use disorders and eating disorders.

In recovery from both herself, Vanessa believes in a holistic approach to healing that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ones being and life experiences. Vanessa’s coaching supports women to walk through their healing together, increase their recovery capital and make their hope for a better life a reality.

Brianna moved to Nanaimo for its recovery community after a stay in one of the local treatment centres. She is grateful to have over 5 years substance free and has spent the last 3 years working in some of Canada’s top addiction treatment facilities.

Brianna believes that recovery is a gift worth fighting for and emphasizes the importance of self-compassion, connection and relapse prevention strategies for a successful journey through early recovery.

Brianna Drummond-Hay

Jonee Janolino

Community Support

Jonee was born in the Philippines and came to Canada when he was just 9 months old. He grew up in Richmond, BC

Jonee’s introduction to recovery was when he was just 18 years old, when he attended his first NA meeting. The first meeting was where the seed was planted but it would be another 10 years before his awakening and realization of his powerlessness and unmanagability to the disease of addiction.

Jonee’s successes did not come easy, however, through working a program of recovery, maintaining a connection with the recovery community, and being of service to the still suffering addict Jonee has shown what can happen if you work hard, a life of freedom from active addiction is possible.

Jonee experience through recovery and his passion for helping others led him to get his diploma as a Community Support worker in 2016. Since then Jonee has worked at Treatment Centers and in the Special Needs community.

Megan brings her many years of experience in the customer service industry to One Life and is always prepared for any task thrown her way with her bright smile and positive energy. She is filled with gratitude to be able to both live and work on Vancouver Island, where she was raised. After completing her Certification in Applied Business Technology from Vancouver Island University, she has found working with One Life to be incredibly fulfilling, and her role here has deepened her appreciation for the work that is done in this company. Megan feels they are providing quality care and truly making a difference in people’s lives at such a crucial time.

Megan Felker