Men’s Recovery Homes

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Men’s Recovery House for Addiction Treatment

We are proud to offer a private, spacious and new custom duplex close to the amenities of central Nanaimo, BC. The home for addiction treatment was custom-built, in 2016, and is designed to create a welcoming environment for our guests. We highly encourage our guests to stay for the full three-month duration, as this is the recommended amount of time needed to form healthy habits and break negative patterns.

Scheduled activities at our men’s house include:

  • Daily groups
  • Daily accountability
  • Weekly group meetings
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Goal setting
  • Exit strategies
  • Weekly yoga and meditation workshops
  • Relationship councelling
  • Breath work & CBT groups

There is also personal time and group outings. We have everything you need to stay focused and continue the work towards your recovery. Our guests range in age between 18-40+, with an average recommended stay of three months. Please check our house rules for more information about what to expect as a guest.

Our Men’s

Our Men’s Recovery
House Amenities

As daunting as recovery can seem, when you open the doors to our men’s homes, the first thing you’re likely to hear is laughing. One Life Recovery Society homes are lively, and we’re committed to encouraging the lighter side of life because, ultimately, engagement in life and recovery is the highest priority.

Our Recovery Houses Include:

  • One Life team members on-call 24/7
  • Surveillance at all doors of the house for clients’ safety
  • Weekly house meetings facilitated by a drug and alcohol counsellor
  • Daily check-ins by the house managers
  • Scheduled activities include yoga, guided meditations, relationship counselling, breath work, cbt groups, and fitness instruction
  • Coordination with local treatment centres for our clients who are attending aftercare and intensive outpatient programs

We like to have fun – life is all about balance after all! Usually, once a month, we’ll go out as a group on an adventure outing. Our men’s recovery house has participated in activities like rock climbing, kayaking, paintballing, floating down the river, and BBQs. Sometimes we’ll chill out, rent UFC fights and order pizza.

Other Amenities Include:

  • Support staff 40 hours a week
  • New appliances in shared kitchens
  • Three full baths on each side
  • Large backyard
  • Close proximity to bus routes and the Aquatic Centre
  • Visiting fitness and nutrition experts



Ideally, you have 30 days of continuous sobriety but having said that we’ve taken people into our sobriety houses with less time under their belts. When you show us that you are motivated exceptions can be made.

Show us that
you’re motivated

A day in
The Life

A Day In
The Life

When you’re a guest at one of our recovery houses, you’ll be expected to follow house rules, while engaging in 12 step meetings, meditation sessions, group counselling, outpatient work, attending treatments and generally keeping busy and focused on your personal recovery goals. If you’re struggling with the basics our team is ready and willing to help you find your footing with daily stuff like budgets, grocery shopping, or other tasks that may not be familiar to you. While we have expectations for day-to-day life at our recovery homes, including house chores, there’s also plenty of downtime because when the work is done we want to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

& Alumni

& Alumni

In preparation for leaving the home after the recommended three-month duration, we will develop a customized recovery plan for each person to help them find a new place and strategize a plan to keep recovery the focus of life outside our homes.

Our ongoing relationship with you means everything to us. When you leave, it’s not goodbye, providing you remain clean from drugs and alcohol. Drop in on a counselling session, talk to us, or tell your story to the new tenants. Alumni are always encouraged to join our house events and be part of our community.

We strive to create a sense of community and family system for you outside your family of origin.

All of our men’s rooms are single bedrooms, with 18 beds in total. View our photo gallery to get a sense of our rooms and facilities.

Questions about our recovery housing?
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