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I worked briefly with Brett about a year ago. He was working with my son as a life coach teaching him skills to move forward with his life in recovery. I have been affected by my son’s addiction and had been attending Al Anon and Nar Anon but despite this, Brett showed me how I was still enabling my son to stay in his addiction.

I had been working on detaching with love from my son but I kept resorting back to my old ways of giving my son money, paying for things that were his responsibility, etc. In helping my son with his addiction, Brett showed me how my always rescuing my son was harming him rather than helping him.

After some conversations with Brett, a light bulb went off in my head and showed me the way to detach with love from my son. Brett’s words helped guide me in my own journey of recovery and enable me to live in God’s will rather than my own will. Thank you Brett for your wisdom.


I worked with Brett back when I was struggling very hard with my Drug addiction in 2013. Brett showed me that life didn’t have to be all about drugs and that people were able to have fun in their life without abusing drugs to do so.

Brett’s approach to recovery was exactly what I needed since he has a way of getting every little thing out of you as much as you don’t want to tell it. I remember many sessions walking away angry only to come back later and realize how right he actually was. Brett has a heart of gold and is willing to help anyone that wants to work for it.

I can honestly say I am not sure if I would be here today without the steps and guidance Brett has given me to overcome the power that addiction has had on me. Thank you, Brett, keep doing amazing work.

Joseph, Ontario

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